Is there an option which allow track selection using a checkbox?

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I would like to know, is there any option which allow desired tracks to be selected using a checkbox? Here is an example of what I mean. Made in Photoshop...

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No, no option (at the moment).

Is it going to be added in the near future?

I don't know.
Yet, the ordinary way would be to use the Ctrl-key while clicking/selecting a single track.

To select a bigger number of files it is advisable to use a filter or sort the files accordingly and then select them in a bulk mode.

Yes, I know about "Ctrl-key", "filter" etc, but for example in my case it would be really useful if I had checkboxes next to each track.

What's my case? Let's say I have 2000 tracks and some of them are duplicates. I make an "eye scan" so to locate and delete them. But sometimes I have to listen so to decide which one should I keep. So if I have make a selection using "Ctrl-key" I lose it when I click to listen to a track. With checkboxes I wouldn't have this problem!!!

What do you think?

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I just tried it in the Windows Explorer and added the check boxes.
I can select any number of individual files.
But as soon as I right-click on a not-selected file to get the context menu to play that track, all the other files get unselected.
So the check boxes do not behave any different than the Ctrl-key.

Oh I see... OK then... Thank you very much your precious time!!! :slight_smile:

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