Is there any standard for DATE tag formats?

I use mp3tag to tag sermon audio MP3 files for our church, and I've tried to find out if the Date field is supposed to be formatted in any particular way, or any standard way.

  1. Does anyone know if there is a standard or common format for the Date tag?

I was hoping something like YYYY-MM-DD but I haven't been able to find out much about the field, or how anyone uses it or formats it.

  1. Also, is that date generally meant to be the date of the recording or sermon or whatever?
    (as opposed to a file date for example)

  2. Lastly, does anyone know if software or websites out there actually use the date tag or if it is a waste of my time to worry about all of this... :wink:


Firstly what is your main app? itunes, traktor (DJ software) etc.. as they all read them differently.

Apps that I'm familiar with

itunes reads the date as RELEASETIME (see attached .jpeg for format) Traktor reads them as YEAR (see attached .jpeg for format)

Both should be written in the format YYYY-MM-DD

stevehero, can you provide how the tag field YEAR is written/interpreted/presented by these applications too?

If you speak of a standard for date time values ... there is the ISO 8601 standard.


Both should be written in the format YYYY-MM-DD in mp3tag:

itunes tag inside mp3tag is RELEASETIME field END result= DD/MM/YYYY Traktor tag inside mp3tag is YEAR field END result= YYYY/MM/DD