Is there any way to set Crtl+D for copy up filed data to current field in tags column

I want to copy immediate up field data to the current field (like MS Excel) in tags column with the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + D. is there any way to do so?

Doesn't this work quicker via the tag-panel and then all files selected that should get the same data instead of doing it file by file?

Thanks for comment but I think this much quicker then tag panel. example track no 1's artist name is ohrenkino I typed that name in track no 1 artist filed. Then track no 2 has artist ohrenkino; Khalid, so I want to after typed ohrenkino hit Enter from the keyboard then press Ctrl + D that will copy and paste ohrenkino then have to type only the 2nd artist name Khalid. and I think this is much much quicker then the tag panel. Is there any way to set that Shortcut key

Ctrl-D is already set for "Change Directory".

And if you change your workflow so that you select all the files that should get the same data first, apply that in the tag panel, I bet that that is probably faster than to Ctrl-D the third track and remove Khalid again as there only the artist ohrenkino is correct.

Thank you once again for nice comment. I think we have different opinion here which is the firster way and I don't want to argument with that issue any more. I post here because I want to know is there any way to change Ctrl-D for "Change Directory" instead of copy up filed data?

It's not possible to re-assign keyboard shortcuts at the moment.

Here is a previous topic on custom keyboard shortcuts, which also provides workarounds using external tools. However, I don't see how it could be used to achieve what you're asking for.

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That's the answer I want to know. Please Florin give user a chance to re-assign keyboard shortcuts. or please add a shortcut for copy up field data to the current field.
and Please add also set the left, right, up, down arrow key to move the cursor instead Tab, Shift-Tab, Enter and I don't know the shortcut key to goes up field in next update.

These arrow keys already have a function to move the cursor within the current field window. The Tab/Shift-Tab are standard within the OS to move between fields. Just like MS Excel as an example.