is there any way to write metadata in albums separated by folders??


i have my music colection in wav (yes, i am a fool) ripped by me with the folder structure "artis/year - album/track number - title song.wav"

I ripped the wavs to apple lossless for the ipod

is there any way to download the metadata information for all albums at the same time?

when i select all files and then "freedb", "determine from selected files" appears the error: "no mpeg header found in file..."

please help me, thanks

no way?

Are the Apple Lossless files also stored in in a structure like "artis/year - album/track number - title song.m4a" (or whatever extension ALAC uses)?

yes, it is possible to massive tag?

You could use the :mt_ftt: Filename - Tag converter for this with a formatstring like %artist%\%year% - %album%\%track% - %title%.