Is this a sorting bug?

I am not sure but I think this is a sorting bug...

■ Here is how Windows explorer list my files sorted by filename:


■ Here is how an other program (which I use to get some measurements) list my files into it's csv file sorted by filename:


■ And here is how Mp3tag list the same files sorted by filename:


As you can see, Mp3tag sorting is different!!!

So, in my case, where I have to import those measurements from this csv file it is a problem. Because wrong measurements go to wrong files.

Are you sure?
If your CSV file contains the filename, Mp3tag should assign the values from the XYZ-track to the matching filename in Mp3tag. Or I'm wrong?

I think not but give me some time to recheck it and I'll tell 100%!!!

According to the help Convert Text file -> Tag should ensure the correct file gets tagged:

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Hmmm... I didn't know that!!! I'll test it right now...

I think it can't be done...

The other program I use to get measurements exports a csv file which looks like this:

Filename and path;Actual bitrate;Frequency;Silence in seconds;Clipping %;Max. clipping;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Afta Ta Heria.mp3;320;20024;0,00;0,00;2;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Allos Gia Hio Travixe (Live).mp3;320;20024;0,33;;0;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - An Ine I Agapi Amartia (Live).mp3;320;20024;0,00;;0;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - An Ise Plai Mou (1).mp3;320;20045;0,98;;0;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - An Ise Plai Mou.mp3;320;20045;0,98;;0;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Anepidoto (1).mp3;320;20089;0,00;;0;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Anepidoto.mp3;320;20110;0,00;0,00;1;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Avgi Anthismeni.mp3;320;20045;0,00;0,00;3;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Avrio Pali (1).mp3;320;20024;0,37;0,00;1;
C:\Users\***\Desktop\New folder\01 - Avrio Pali.mp3;320;20024;0,37;0,00;1;

From Mp3tag, after I load the tracks, I go to Conver > Text file - Tag, I put the exported csv file into Filename field and I put %comment% into Format string field. And it imports the data to comment tag line by line. But it isn't assign the values accordingly as you said...

What am I doing wrong?

Your format string should include the part for the filename, something like this:

Or if you want to split the values into different tags directly:
%_path%;%Actual bitrate%;%Frequency%;%Silence in seconds%;%Clipping%;%Max. clipping%

I can't test it here, you have to adjust the names and number of tags exactly to your content in your CSV file.

The help says that %_path% contains the complete filename including the path.
%_filename_ext% would only contain the filename and extension itself, without additonal path information.

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Done!!! :grinning:

I just changed Format string field from %comment% to %_path%;%comment% as you said and it worked!!! Now it is assign the values accordingly!!!

I don't know what to say... Your are my hero man!!! :laughing:
Thank you very very very much!!!

PS: Do you think I have to move my topic to "Support" section instead of "Bugs Reports"? If I can do this...

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You're welcome.

I have changed the category to "Support".
So that I can also say: Done. :wink:

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