is this possible (pulling tags from internet)

i've got a huge collection of music with the right albums/artists/track #'s/song titles... but i'd like to add year and cover art to them at one time. a mass query. i'll still manually go through it and make sure it behaved more or less and fill in the gaps...but i'd love for it to do some of the work for me.

so like i said... is there any way to pull it off the internet? i can;t figure out how this pull from amazon thing works. it doesnt seem to be doing anything for me. do i need to manually go back and add all my cd's into my burner 1 ata time and let it recognize them that way (ouch, what a pain).

Its works verry easy: select the files and then click on for instance amazon. com. Choose the wright albun in th result list and when you click on okay the tags are modified. Naturely you must have an albumlist in your tag.