Is TOTALTRACKS supposed to be the total number of tracks on the current disc, or the entire album?


Disc 1: 8 songs
Disc 2: 8 songs

and I am tagging a song on Disc 2, should I be setting TOTALTRACKS to 8 or 16?

Typically this is the number of tracks on that particular disc. So with your example, both discs would have a TOTALTRACKS of 8. Same principle applies to the TOTALDISCS field.

I don't understand this part. Isn't TOTALDISCS the same for all tracks regardless of the disc of the track being tagged?

Yes, TOTALDISCS should be the same for all tracks associated with the same ALBUM. This should match the DISCNUMBER of the last disc. The principle I was suggesting was that TOTALTRACKS for each disc in a set should match the highest TRACK on that same disc.

You could theoretically use the total number of tracks in the entire set and have the TRACK numbers continue without resetting to 01 with each new disc. But this isn’t the norm.

Whatever suits you

Because how will you count hidden content? Hidden after a long pause, which pause is in a middle of a track, thus splitting two songs? Or hidden in that sense that it is accessible only by rewinding an actual disc in CD player and going to a time set in minus values?

Come up with your own scheme and use it

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