Issue (bug) with text display in the file list


i've just installed mp3tag, and i'm having an issue with the file list where some text fields seem to be corrupted or only partially visible (it's hard to say which). for example, here the 'Year' and 'Title' fields are both affected:

this obviously makes it rather hard to tag anything :slight_smile:

i'm using mp3tag 1.7.8 (79) on macOS 13.4. i tried changing the list size (small, medium, large) but that didn't have any effect.

Can you check if the affected fields contain and newline characters or linebreaks? You can check via the extended tag dialog at ⌘T.

hi Florian,

i don't see anything strange in the tags:

i also noticed that scrolling up and down, or reloading, will sometimes fix some of the fields but not others - in this screenshot you can see that a couple of the 'Year' tags are now displaying correctly even though they didn't before (and i haven't touched the files or tags at all).

some more information: i tried opening just the first album in the list (Snakebite, 8 tracks) and the fields were still displayed wrongly; then i quit mp3tag, reopened it, opened the same album, and all the tags now display correctly for both that album, and if i open the entire artist directory as in the first screenshot.

so the problem seems to have been fixed by a restart, at least for now... i suppose i'll see if it comes back again.

Yes, looking good.

OK, please let me know if it comes back.