Issue by customizing and importing new tracks

Hi everyone,

I don't know if my question is asked on the correct site, but I have to solve a problem that that also concerns MP3tag.

Usually, before importing new music I customize some fields with MP3tag (artist, albumartist, genre, usw.) but I noticed that, despite the customizations I made, my reader (Mediamonkey) imports last music tracks I purchased with the same properties assigned from the seller, who also uses Mediamonkey to manage his

The result is, for example, that if originally the ARTIST field contained a string like "Juan Maglio Pacho with Carlos Vivan" this string is imported into Mediamonkey as it is, even though I had customized with MP3tag the ARTIST field with "Juan Maglio Pacho" and the ALBUMARTIST field with "Carlos Vivan".

By way of example, I attach two images.

The first is related to how I customized in MP3tag five sample songs.
The second is related to how the songs are imported into Mediamonkey.

As you can see, there are fields that do appear in the properties of the individual files (by pointing at them with the mouse) but on which I can not make any changes before importing the songs.

I hope I have explained the problem and thank you for what you can let me know.

Best regards

Do you use any kind of Auto-Tag in MediaMonkey?

This could explain the automagically filling of Album Artist (or ignoring/overwriting) existing tags.

I also found this answer in the MM-Forum: :wink:

If tracks contain Album info then as Album must have Album Artist it is Auto filled by MM on Tag edit and you can put VARIOUS ARTIST as value for compilation Albums (I personally prefer that) so that when you browse Albums in MM they are grouped correctly.

Today I've found an easier way to solve the problem.

With right-click on the desired track I can see the "extended tags" and modify the one I need (in my case, setting "blank" on multiple tags).

MP3tag ist ja ein tolles Produkt!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you for your feedback.

If you like, you can add these most used tags into your Tag Panel (on the left side).
Then you can <blank> such tags for the selected tracks directly from the Tag Panel.

Let us know, if you need some additional info about it.

The extended tags dialogue also works for all the selected files.
I.e. you can delete/set/modify a tag field for several files in 1 go.

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