Issue deleting tags (doing something wrong)

When I try and delete an APE tag from a file that contains both APE and ID3v2 tags, both types of tags are deleted. However, when I click on "undo" the file is restored with the unwanted APE tag deleted and the wanted ID3v2 tag intact. So, I am getting the desired result, but the extra "undo" steps makes me think I am doing somthing wrong. I believe I have my settings correct: both APE and ID3v1 are checked under options/tags/remove.

Using version 3.22b

Please have a look at the section "Mpeg" - the one that you selected are affecting audio formats which are using APE tags by default (like Musepack, Monkey’s Audio, WavPack, …).

To delete APE tags from mp3 files:
Select only APE in the delete section.
Select the files.
Select Edit>Cut
Save the changes.
This should remove only the APE tags.

You can check that with a filter
%_tag% HAS APE
should lead to an empty file list.

That was it. I was thinking in terms of tag type, not the file/codec type and was looking in the wrong place in settings. Thanks for setting me straight.

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