Issue running on MacOS Catalina beta

I am trying to run MP3TAG on my Mac, but since I am on the developer beta version of MacOS, I am unable to.
The message I am getting is “” can’t be opened because its integrity cannot be verified. - This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

So here I am. This is different than the error that says the app is damaged. I already tried that workaround. As MacOS Catalina rolls out to consumers in the upcoming months, it will be important to make sure that this application works with the latest operating systems.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


It's unfortunately not possible to run the Wine-based version of Mp3tag on Catalina. Apple stopped supporting 32-bit apps (and 32-bit instruction codes on the Kernel level) with Catalina and Wine is one of them.

I've started to work on a native version of Mp3tag for macOS and I'm currently working on implementing Mp3tag's scripting language. It's still far from an early beta, but I'm making steps in that direction (almost) every day.

Not sure if anyone else has tried it but I thought I would sign up for the CrossOver v19 beta and see if Codeweavers had gotten their 32bit Windows App support for Catalina working and while some things are a bit rough around the edges, I have managed to get CrossOver to create a for MacOS Catalina which seems to work well.


Thanks bro!! It really works. It's better than nothing!!!

Do you have an estimate of when you might release a (beta) version for Catalina?