Issue with %band% and %albumartist%


I use Mp3Tag in combination with Musicbrainz Picard and Foobar2000 to manage my large music collection (over 30.000 mp3 files).
Sometimes I need to reorganize music files in a specific way. Like for instance I want all Buddha Bar related music files to be retagged using "Buddha Bar" as the common Album Artist instead of the so many albumartists that the Buddha Bar collection have (Claude Challe, Sam Poppard, Ravin...etc).

What I would like to do is to use Mp3Tag to retag the albumartist field by changing the Band column. Then go back to Picard and use it just for moving and saving the files under the Buddha Bar file name.

The problem I encounter is that once I correct the Band field in Mp3Tag then Picard wont read the Band field back as %albumartist%. As a matter of fact, I believe it won't even recognize it.

What I am doing wrongly ?
Is it a way I could declare the %band% variable as %albumartist% in writing tags with Mp3Tag ??

Many thanks in advance.


Mp3Tag is the best software available for tagging, but is somehow cumbersome for moving files specially, complete files in source directory. Group actions are too confusing for me.
I am using foobar for moving files the way I need. Fourtunatelly enough foobar and Mp3Tag share same conventions and syntax.
We non-techies have to go the long way around !!! :slight_smile: .
It would be nice to have an integrated interface for moving files effortlessly.!!!!

I think you should copy the band entry to the albumartist entry.
You can do that with format value.

I use this to copy BPM to a new field, original field is BPM new is RED BPM
In action group I add an action:
In dutch:
Waarde formatteren "RED BPM": %bpm%
Format value "RED BPM": %bpm% (something like this in english)

So for you I think
Format value "albumartist": %band%

Or look in the help file under format value.
Test it before you mesh up your songs, good luck.