Issue with cover art

Good day all, I'm new here :slight_smile:

Please help me about my problem, I've already insert cover art to my songs using mp3tag v2.63 - saved it and transfer it to my phone, but the cover art displayed is wrong. the cover art displayed is the one i used it on the previous. Anyone can help me? thanks

sorry for my bad english

Check if you have hidden picture files in the folders with names like folder.jpg and/or albumartsmall.jpg.
It could be that they still show the old image.
Fi you want to get rid of these files once in a while, open a command shell window in the top folder and enter the following commands:

attrib -s -h /s *.jpg
del /s folder.jpg
del /s albumartsmall.jpg

This deletes all of these files.
You may now, if your smartphone relies on these files to show covers at all, export the cover files from the music files with the help of Mp3tag:
Load all the files into Mp3tag.
Select all.
Execute an action (quick) of the type "Export cover".
Enter as filename: folder
No duplicates.
This creates a file folder.jpg in each album folder.

Thanks for the reply, i search for folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg but none. Please explain more solution and what is the main problem

The main problem is that the update that you claim you have performed is not reflected by the player.
As a player cannot think of covers on its own, the pictures still have to be somewhere in your system.
So, there are the following possibilities:

  • you have not embedded the pictures in the files.
  • the player relies on the folder.jpg mechanism
  • the player has a database /a cache for pictures which has to be updated.
  • pictures are taken from the internet by a player function.

Depending on the cause, there are differnt ways to solve it:

  • check if covers are embedded with a filter in MP3tag:
    %_covers% MISSING
    the file list has to stay empty or you still have files without embedded covers. This could also apply if you use tags versions that do not allow covers.

  • check for hidden picture files: You have to make sure that your Windows explorer shows hidden files. Otherwise, you won't see folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg.

  • pictures still in the cache/database: update these two or delete the cache.
    This depends a lot on the player. You have to tell us which one you use.

Thanks for the reply. My issue is only on my phone, playing it to my pc using vlc is ok displaying correct cover art but after it transferred to my phone (htc explorer) the icon is incorrect, i tried also on other phone for another test but still the same. so where's the problem my pc, software or my phone?

You have not yet answered the basic question. is the cover really embedded in the file?
Have you applied the filter I mentioned?
vlc has the option to get data from the internet - so i would not rely on this as a test case.

what did you mean by embedded? i just selected all the songs (without cover art) then add cover + browse the cover (left side panel) after that it saving and mp3tag said it successful? am i correct?

please explain the filter? thanks again

The proceeding seems to be OK.

You can apply a filter to a set of files if you open the filter entry box a t the bottom of the window (repeat to press F3 until it appears)

To filter files for certain conditions, you have to type in the filter expression. So see if there are files without cover in the currently loaded file list type in the following (or copy&paste it from here) into the filter entry box:
%_covers% MISSING
If all the files have embedded covers, no file should be visible in the files list after you have applied the filter.
All files that are visible with this applied filter have no embedded cover.
To undo the filtering, either delete the filter expression or press F3 to hide the filter entry box.

I applied the filter now, i drag the music and its visible? am i missing something? thanks again. can i attach my reported songs?

all files that show up with applied filter do not have embedded covers. So they will hardly show a cover on your smartphone.

Unless they have been sung/played by you and you have the copyright: no.

ok thanks. so how can i embed the cover art?

The best thing would be if you have a file with the picture in the local file system.
Or you use a web source.
I will describe the way for a file in the local file system:
I presume that you have the files without cover in the files list.
Select all those files that should get the same cover (file).
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
On the right in that dialogue there is a picture frame and a "New" button next to it.
Click "New".
A file browsing window opens.
Browse to the folder where the picture file is, select it, and click OK until all dialogues are closed.
The picture is now embedded.

The same function is available in the tag panel if you have set that the cover picture should be displayed. There you have to right-click on the picture frame to get the browsing window.
Also, you have to press Ctrl-S to save the picture in the files.

You can update the filtered list in pressing F3 twice.