Issue with FLAC files from Steam

My apologies if this is seems like a common issue, I have not been able to find anything that matches my issue and wondering if there is a workaround.

Several times now, I have downloaded OSTs off of Steam, and while the mp3 versions have never had an issue with displaying tags tags in explorer/media player on Win11, the FLAC files have. Bandcamp never gives me issues with the FLAC format, and the only trace is when I look at the files in mp3tag they're listed as FLAC (FLAC) for the TAG version.

Looking online, I've tried to fix the issue by reducing the size of the covers to try and get the headers below 4mbs (although, I've not figured out how to view/weigh said headers admittedly) and everything I'm looking at is for Windows 10. Clearing/restoring the tags also just put them back as FLAC (FLAC.)

I realize there's a stigma against id3v2.3 tags, but that seems to be the only way to get the tags reading properly. Is there any way to do this, or any advice in general? Again, I apologize for any repeated topics, everything I've found simply hasn't been enough.

I would think that this is a problem of the player - in this case Windows.
So changing the tags will probably not change the features of the player.

In older times, it was a problem in Windows if tag fields were longer than 30 characters.
If all the other programs show the tags correctly, then I would not rely on Windows to be used as a player.

That may be the best option. Time to dig out winamp again I guess!

Do these same files have the tag info you expect when you open them in mp3tag? I would recommend you consider another player that supports FLAC better than the built-in Windows player. And definitely the Explorer option is ultra limited.

Look at Foobar or MusicBee for freebie options that are stable and work well from my personal experience.

Are those good for WAV and MP3 as well? My files aren't all united, as much as I'd like.

Absolutely. They are very flexible. Both are free so give them a try.

Of course there are many other players as well, some better than others. And not all are free. But the two I suggested above I can vouch for from experience. They are both great players but with very different interfaces and options.