Issue with Removing track #

I use th follwing action to remove title that have track numbers in the title

^\d{0,7}[- ._ ]*
Replace with Blank

Example: 01 - Billie Jean.mp3

Becomes Billie Jean.mp3

The problem is, if the title starts with a number it erases everything.

Rick James 01. - 17.mp3
Becomes .mp3

Stacy Lattisaw 01 - 16.mp3
Becomes .mp3

Any suggestions

Due to the .mp3 at the end, which indicates %_filename_ext%, I shall assume you left out the step where you rename the files with a %artist% %title% pattern.

^\d{0,7}[- ._ ]* would neither match 01. - 17 nor 01 - 16 and not anything with content before the first digit. That means you need to show us the actual content of the title field or the actual Action, ideally both.

The first question for someone who wants to rename files is: what do the tag fields contain?
As with filled tag fields you can easily rename the files.

The sytax for the action looks strange: AFAIK the field in an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" is addressed as TITLE and not %title%.

The problems with the regular expression are already addressed by @Crissov