Issue with Text file->Tag

This seems simple but it is not working anymore. I have done this in the past with no issues but recently is has stopped working properly. I have a text file which is just a list of song titles. That's it, just titles. Each title is on a single line. There are no special characters in the titles. There are no spaces before or after the titles. When I try to use the Text file -> Tag feature, I get an error saying "Cannot parse line 1", "Cannot parse line 2", "Cannot parse line 3" etc. In the field for Format string: I have %title% . That is all that I want there. It seems to work just fine when I try it for any other field such as %album% or %artist% or %genre%. Just doesn't for %title%. Any idea what is going on here? Thanks.

The way you describe it, it should work.
The only things I could imagine: when you tried it with %title% the file was still in a rich format mode as saved by word processors. After that, when you checked and retried it with %album% and other fields, you had saved the file as plain text.
Or you have to supply a sample of the data so that others can try it.

Yes it should work. I tried again and here are the screen shots. I am using four mp3s that I took randomly from my collection. I created a text file with the test titles. One per line. Nothing special about them. It is just a .txt file and it is in the folder containing the mp3s.

Here is what I started with. I used the Text file - Tag feature and then I get this parsing error. Then I tried the same thing but used the Album Artist field instead And it works just fine. Worked in the Album and Year field as well. It just won't work in the Title field. So...any suggestions?

Not a lot.
Could you check the files for integrity?

Because ... I tried to import plain text data into %title% and it works ... so I can't really reproduce it.
Or you could post the data file ... so that I can have a try with the original data.

ALWAYS check for trailing spaces in the format string! They're not always "visible".