Issue with the comment field

I am a "brand new user" of this software.
I want to change the value of "comment".
I know how to do it in MP3Tag (2.63).
I can check the change is ok when opening WINAMP.
But not when using Windows Files : the field "comment" is empty. The new value is not "readable".
Any clue ?
Thanks in advance.

Could you check one these files with mp3val (->google to find a source).
Sometimes Windows gets a hickup with tags.

Hello "brand new user", ...
assuming you work with mp3 files, ...
then set Mp3tag to read and write the tagtype ID3v2.3 UTF-16, which promises best compatibility today.
Set the tagtype APE completely disabled.
See dialog "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Mpeg"


I made the changes.
The comment field remains not changed when viewed through WINDOWS File and after being changed with MP3TAG.
I give up.
No more time to waste.
Many thanks for your help.