Issues when Operating Images

There are at least two bugs I started experiencing lately. First, it happenes with uploading images to websites (Discogs, for example) when doing it directly from the tool window. If dropped on the upload area of my browser (Chrome), it uploads two copies of the file. Nothing like that happens outside MP3Tag. Second, the most annoying bug happens when I drag the image outside of MP3Tag window but suddenly get back and release the held button. The tool just crashes and needs re-opening. I hope you will pay attention to these things!

I just tried this:
Open MP3tag, load some files.
Selected 1 file.
Pushed on the cover display in the tag panel and dragged the image.
I get a "don't drop here" cursor.
I wander around the screen, leave the MP3tag window frame, still with the "don't drop" cursor.
I then return to the MP3tag window frame an release the mouse button somewhere over the application.
Result: MP3tag still runs. No crash.
I tried the same but tried various areas for the relase: a tag panel text field, the filter, the file list. No change: MP3tag does not crash.

So: what else should I do to reproduce the behaviour?

For this I tried the following:
I arranged the browser (Firefox in my case) and MP3tag in such a way that I could d&d an image from the tag panel.
I then dragged the image from the tag panel to the forum editor that also accepts pictures. As expected, the cursor changed to one with a little plus.
I released the mouse button - and nothing happened. Which means: i did not get a single picture for the upload - which is far from 2 images.