It worked (Id3v2 -> ape -> id3v2)


FINALLY getting my head around MP3tag...

cleaning up tags worked for me (mostly) as follows...

I had replaygain tags I didn't want but DIDN'T use mp3gain to alter files' data
I had ape tags and id3v2 tags on some files

to clean up id3v2 tags

write: ape
remove: id3v2

select all, write new tags, delete tags

change options to
read ape
write id3v2
remove: ape

select all, REFRESH, write new tags, delete tags, refresh

Everything looks cool - it's the deleting of the entire id3v2 tag and reconstructing it that makes the garbage go away. messing with "advanced tags" didn't do it.

the basic tags (the ones I wanted) move nicely from tag to tag. Everything else gets discarded. I can always do replaygain over again.

What I can't do without scripting is to MIX tags from id3v2 and ape into one - oh, well. Thankfully there's not a lot of those, once I gave up on saving replaygain (which I gave up upon finding two or three different ones created by different apps...)

which leads to my next post... in feature requests


If I'm understanding what you're trying to do correctly, there is an easier way to accomplish all this.

Select all of your files
Press ALT+T (or click the extended tags button on the toolbar)
In the new window that appears, remove the tags you don't want, such as replaygain
Click OK and you're done.

I'm not sure why this doesn't work for you?

If it's something you use often, this can also be accomplished with an Action using "Remove fields except". For example: Remove fields except > TITLE;ARTIST;ALBUM;YEAR;TRACK;GENRE

If you have tags which are in the wrong format, simply select them, and click CTRL+R (remove tags), then when it's finished, click CTRL+Z (undo).

What this does is remove ALL the tags from the files, then when you use undo, they are written back in your preferred format, as specified in your options. I find this a very simple and effective way to change ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3 or such. I don't know if this is 100% safe in all situations, but I do it all the time without issue. I've even done it once on about 5000 files in one go. I originally learned that trick from a post by Sebastian Mares, so I think it must be safe.