Italian - Italiano

Translators: @Rigido

Status: available from v1.0.4

This topic is all about the Italian translation of Mp3tag for Mac.

If you'd like to help translate Mp3tag to Italian or if you spot a mistake, have suggestions, or comments, please leave your reply here.

Spero che qualcuno possa darmi qualche dritta...a cominciare dal "claim":

"The universal tag editor for Mac" voi come lo tradurreste? Appurato che TAG ed EDITOR rimangono così anche in italiano...

I've talked to Luca, the Italian translator of the Windows version, and he suggested to use

L'editor universale di tag per Mac

I've also added some strings to the Italian translation which are identical to the Windows version and will continue for strings that fit.

Ok Florian, 100% done.
I'm not happy with some translations but I think a better one will come in mind looking at program running...

Excellent! Thank you :slight_smile:

I'll create a version with the different localizations that are now in the workings soon and will contact you then privately.

If anyone wants to join and proof-read, please feel free to reply.

I've just released v1.0.4 with the new localization :partying_face:

@Rigido, many thanks for your help!

Ciao Florian,
I was translating new strings and I'm unhappy with current "formatstring" translation.
Right now "Formato della stringa" is more like "Format of the string" and not a "string that shows how to format an input". We could use "Modello" (Model), something like "Stringa Modello" (Model string).
Right now I can't use my Windows PC nor my VM on OSX to start MP3tag in Italian on Windows.
Do you know other Italian users I could ask?

Thanks for asking! I've checked the Italian translation on Windows and it uses "Formato della stringa". On another occurrence it uses "Seleziona stringa del formato" and "Formato stringa per il nome dell'immagine".

Since "Formatstring" is in itself a kind of artificial word, I think it's okay to translate it this way as "Formato della stringa". Also, the Documentation refers to "Formatstring" quite frequently and to have little cognitive distance from the original to the translation is probably beneficial.

The original translation is wrong too.
You can see he/she used both "formato della stringa" (wrong, it means "the format of the string") and "Seleziona stringa del formato" (almost correct).
As I told you "Formato della stringa" (I used that until now) is absolutely wrong as it means the opposite of "formatstring": It's hard to translate my thoughts but it is like in English the subject is "string", in Italian the subject is "format".
It is ugly but if you want to keep a translation that sounds like the original "artificial word", we could use "Stringa del formato" (it could make think to a string that depict a format, exactly as Modello-Model or Schema-Outline/Diagram).

Sorry if I am too (WordReference says) fussy :sweat_smile:

I think I understand. Is "Stringa formato" or "Stringa per il formato" an option?

I would prefer the shorter one for labels (strings with column at the end) and the longer one, more colloquial, for tooltip and descriptions.

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Done...but I have to write 20 chars at least :joy:

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Looking good! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: