Italian - Italiano

Translators: @Rigido

Status: Started

This topic is all about the Italian translation of Mp3tag for Mac.

If you'd like to help translate Mp3tag to Italian or if you spot a mistake, have suggestions, or comments, please leave your reply here.

Spero che qualcuno possa darmi qualche dritta...a cominciare dal "claim":

"The universal tag editor for Mac" voi come lo tradurreste? Appurato che TAG ed EDITOR rimangono così anche in italiano...

I've talked to Luca, the Italian translator of the Windows version, and he suggested to use

L'editor universale di tag per Mac

I've also added some strings to the Italian translation which are identical to the Windows version and will continue for strings that fit.

Ok Florian, 100% done.
I'm not happy with some translations but I think a better one will come in mind looking at program running...

Excellent! Thank you :slight_smile:

I'll create a version with the different localizations that are now in the workings soon and will contact you then privately.

If anyone wants to join and proof-read, please feel free to reply.