Items in the list sometimes get selected when mousing away quickly

Currently, I am slowly moving through each of my song, and fixing their tags. I have two monitors in a vertical configuration, Chrome on the bottom and Mp3Tag on the top. I've noticed that sometimes if I whip my cursor down to the bottom screen, another file will arbitrarily be selected in Mp3Tag. This sometimes causes me to accidentally apply tags to multiple songs at once, when I really only meant to apply them to the first song I selected, because for some reason another song got selected. This is pretty bizarre, but nevertheless it's happening. I used to notice it happen with one display as well, when I had Chrome and Mp3Tag split horizontally on the display, but at some point it stopped happening, and I thought that was that, but apparently not.

Anywho, I'm on Windows 10 20H2 (19042.868) and Mp3Tag v3.05.

have you tried it with a different HID?
I am not sure if this may be due to a worn out mouse button.
And if you see a connection to Chrome: can you rule out that it has something to do with Chrome, i.e. have you tested it with a different program being aligned like that?

Considering I have a brand new G600, I'm pretty sure it's not that, but I tested it with my 3-year old G502 and a cheap wireless mouse I got from Staples. Works the same with them all.

I've not tried with other programs, but since it happens intermittently, it's hard to reproduce. I haven't figured out the exact steps to reproduce it yet, but I will surely update when I do. However, I can assure you that it should happen with Chrome, and I'm pretty sure it's a problem with Mp3Tag, and not anything else, since no other program exhibits this behaviour. I have noticed in experimentation that the list acts odd when selecting an item and quickly moving the cursor off the window, then coming back. Seems to also be amplified if "save when another item is selected" is enabled (which it is for me.) Anyways that's all the info I can give for now until it happens again and I can try to figure out what specific combination of events makes it happen.

I think I might've figured it out.

Turn on "save when selecting another file".
Edit a tag, click something else to save it.
Scroll down, and move the mouse.
Now, whatever was under your mouse will erroneously become selected along with whatever was selected before, even though you didn't click or press shift.

Edit: It works with Ctrl+S as well, but I realize I have the confirmation dialog disabled, so make sure you do that as well, maybe that's part of the problem.

I have tried it a dozen times or more and it does not happen on my PC.
Could it be that you set something in the mouse driver configuration that the window under the mouse cursor gets the focus?

I have not enabled any such features, not even sure if they exist. Obviously Logitech G Hub is installed, but I've only used it to remap buttons on my mouse. Considering this still occured with a cheap dollar store mouse I don't think that's part of it either.

I'm not sure what else it could be.

I've now reviewed the issue and cannot find anything regarding that in my code. I'm moving that to #bug-reports:no-bugs until it gets revived by more details, maybe also from others who're experiencing this or something similar.

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