It's it possible to save all tags through an action except title and track number?

So right click/copy tags on one file then right click/paste tags on another works. Except it also replaces the track and title. And uses 2 clicks and a confirm. Then I gave to go in and fix the name and track tags on each track.

Is there a way to do an action that takes all the tags of the first loaded track (except the title and track numbers) and copies them to every other loaded track.

The goal is to have full and accurate tags for my album. Including any tags I may have added myself if possible.

No. No action.
You would have to use an export that saves the filename, title and track to an external file, then do the copying and then re-import the data.
The additional problem that I see: MP3tag does not know anything about a "first track". Any action only sees the current file.

Ok. What about an action to copy/paste all the tags. Then I another one to read the filename to correct the name and track number?

That way I could just run the action. It would still be much easier.

There is no action to copy & paste from one file to another. You have to do this manually. As ohrenkino wrote MP3Tag ony deals with one file at a time.
But there may be a possibility to define an action to correct the false tags from the filename after having transfered the metadata with copy & paste.
This depends whether there as a unique delimiter inside the filename that separates the tags.

Action Type: Guesss values
Source Format: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: depends on the structure of your filename, the tags that build it and which you want to preserve

Filename: 01_Beatles - Abbey Road - Come Together.mp3
Guessing Pattern: %track%_%artist% - %album% - %title%

If in this example you don't want to correct one of the tags you have to replace the tag-variable in the guessing pattern with %dummy%.

Instead of an action you can do this also with the convert-menue "Filename-Tag". Because of the immediate preview this way is good to learn how to build a guessing pattern.

There is an action for export ("Export")
and one for import ("Import text-file")

You may also use the tag panel to apply data to a number of files in one go.