Itune Tags at Mp3Tag


It really is a pain to edit Itunes-TVshows with the current programs out there.
There is a really great programm called Lostify for Macintosh, sadly i use a PC.
Then theres TVtagger for PC's, but it just doesn't really work well, still takes shitloads of time.

So what i'm asking for is quite simple and easy to implement i think.

If you add a moviefile in Itunes you can either set it to Music-video / TV-show or Movie.
You can edit Tags like "Season" or "Episode ID" which is all great, and neccesary to get them sorted, but there is one really big flaw.
You cannot set those for more than 1 at the same time, and you can't set them with mp3 tag.
You can set them with TvTagger, but its comfort ends at stuff like "Episode" where you have to klick through every single episode and then give it a number.
Things like the mp3tag-tracknumber-assistant would be so helpfull.

I really support you in every way i can, screenshots, explanations, whatever you need.
Just please please please please please include this in the next versions of mp3tag, i have ~1500 files to tag and i can't do that manually for every single file.

I think it's pretty doable because stuff like "ITUNESPODCAST" etc just got invented in .41

See you,
WAHHHHHHHHH (that tags make me crazy & i'm a perfection whore)


Sorry, but the main focus of Mp3tag is audio files and currently I have no plans of extending it towards editing of movie files.



Just broke my last hope for editing those 2k files. x/

Thanks anyway!

1 more Question though:

There are 4 tagfields in the Mp4 - TVshow category

"Show" "Episode-ID" "Season" and "Episode"

When i add the tag %Show% in Mp3tag it recognizes it in itunes.
So Show is already doable with Mp3tag.

BUT, when i edit a file with a mp4 editor (filling in
"Show" "Episode-ID" "Season" and "Episode"), then open the file in Mp3tag and simply klick "save tags" without even doing anything it erases "Episode-ID" "Season" and "Episode".
So when i open it again with the Mp4 Editor, all the stored Data is gone.

Why does it get deleted?
Is there a way to not have it deleted?