iTunes 7 Websource


Can someone make a websource for ? I've tried many times, but have been unsucessful.


Get Cover Art from iTunes



Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


This doesn't seem to work anymore. Can you fix this?



It still works (no error in the src) but many covers are now encrypted by apple!


Well thanks dano. I though it was the script itself. Hopefully someone can figure out a workaround for that encryption.


It's pretty weak encryption, from what I've seen on various sites it's simply a wrapper around the jpeg with a header record.


Do you think that you can change the script or make a new one that works around the encryption?


I've been watching for a script or a utility that strips the header out, all I've seen so far is a UNIX version.

The source script is available on this site, I haven't played around enough to see if it will work in the web source framework.

I'm guessing a few of the regulars could take a look and determine if it's feasible fairly quickly.


No, this isn't ITC, this is a real encryption.


oops, my bad. Sorry - should have paid more attention, the file is unencrypted into the itc format after iTunes downloads the art.