iTunes and Windows 7

I had a nicely cleaned library under WindowsXP, Linux and Mac. I migrated to Windows 7 and half my ID3 tags seemed to disappear. Seems to be another feature of Windows7, fixed by reparing 2.4 tags to 2.3. Now i can see all the tags OK in most places (Windows Explorer, MP3Tag etc) but not in iTunes. A whole bunch of tracks resolutely refuse to show most of their tags, even if I try to reset the version of ID3 on them. Typically I am just getting the file name in the title field, and that's about it.

Anyone come across this before and know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

  1. Windows doesn't support ID3v2.4 tags. And when you edit ID3v2.4 with windows tools, a IDv2.3 tag gets added before it.

  2. Maybe it helps if you completely remove the ID3 tags with "Tag cut" (Ctrl+X) in Mp3tag and rewrite it with "Tag paste" (Ctrl+V)

I'll second that. I've had a variety of issues with 2.4 and just added it to the cut list. I only use 2.3 and haven't had any issues in Win7 with foobar or when I copy the files to my iMac and later on my iDevices.