iTunes Cutting Songs Short - MP3 Tag problem?


Pretty new here. Been using MP3Tag for a good while and I love it.

I've been getting a recurring problem with iTunes for a while now. I'm not sure what anyone would need to know to help me so sorry if this is a bit wordy.

I scrupulously use MP3Tag to remove all old tags on MP3 files and replace them with my own data before adding them to my library which currently stands at about 750 gig. I use iTunes to play and transfer files to my family's various iPods.

Every now and again I get problems with iTunes. Songs will just cut short. Might be 10 seconds into the song, 30 seconds from the end etc. The songs play fine on Windows Media Player.

My question is whethere there is some incompatibility between MP3Tag and iTunes, or is there a setting I should change (ID3v2.4 or ID3v2.3 or something).

Sorry if this seems a bit lame but it's driving me mad and I don't have a clue where to start. I've tried searching for obvious things and read the FAQ but didn't spot anything obvious.

Thanks in advance everyone.


I've got a few songs that cut off early when playing them on my iPod, but because I use WinAmp to manage my library (with MP3Tag), I don't know if they would cut off in iTunes.

One track that I think did it for me previously just played all the way through.

Have you tried deleting a few of the problem tracks from iTunes library and simply re-adding them?

How about doing the above, but stripping off all ID3 info?

How about copying the file in Windows Explorer and adding that to the library?

Can you reencode a few (just as a test)?

Good luck!

Cheers for those ideas. I'll try 'em and report back.

I think sometimes, depending on the mp3-crunsher, some MP3s do not come out the way they should. CDex's codec regularly produces illegal entries for length.
I freqently use mp3val
to check the MP3s.
MP3s with illegal entries do not allow random search and sometimes display the wrong playtime.
So try this as well.
MP3val corrects invalid entries.