iTunes doesn't realize file is updated

When I edit files in my iTunes library using MP3tag, most often to add cover art, iTunes doesn't see the changes unless I play the file. Is there any way to force iTunes to see the changes without re-importing or playing all the files?

What I do is add a . to the field composer (sort as) field in iTunes as I never use it. This will re-read its tags. Select all files add that and click okay to update your entire library.

Then you can add a smart playlist to gather any of those files with a . in that field so you can remove them afterwards.

I think iTunes does this to improve performance, imagine if it re-read the files every time it started. :astonished:

Actually, WMP updates its library automatically. Apparently, WMP creates a list of files that changed since the last update and then treats these. It only works for "watched folders".

There are scripts around that do the updating.
See e.g. this thread: /t/13952/1
There you also find an example script.

Wmp has nothing to do with what the op asked. It would have some performance hit regardless of what you say.

No, WMP has something to do with what you answered. It shows that different programs use different approaches for updating data from files that can be manipulated by third parties. Nothing more and nothing less.
But you are right: this is not the thread to discuss the pros and cons of individual programs but to get the updates into iTunes - without playing the files or importing them again which looks to me like a typical question for an iTunes forum.

They don't need to be played. Just as my original post states fill in a field you don't use and it force updates the xml file and tags for iTunes.

I used that program you stated and its much much slower than my method. Also I'd hate for it to somehow corrupt the library.

The beauty for me in iTunes for me is its speed.

I still think that the underlying theme has to do with iTunes' functions and nothing with MP3tag. I will not comment on the alleged benefits of individual workflows. If you found one for your setup: fine.

That's obvious.