iTunes doesn't show artist name / albums, etc


so basically I put all the informations: Artist, Track number (⌘K), Album name etc. But when I open the file on iTunes there is only the title... So worse than when I added directly on iTunes...

Should I somehow export the files once I put all the informations? It seemed to work automatically... I'm a bit confused here...

I assume you're using Mp3tag for Mac? What happens if you remove the file from iTunes and re-add it. Is the information then shown according to your input?

If not, I'd need a little bit more context, especially the file type your working with and macOS version.

iTunes will not automatically pick up changes made to files already in the database. You need to force iTunes to refresh the database (I use a Samsoft script by Steve MacGuire found by googling for Windows, not sure if there is a Mac version) or worst case delete the songs from iTunes (but KEEP the files when prompted) then add them back into iTunes so it picks up these changes.

I tried to delete the files and then open them in iTunes and nothing changed.
I want to send songs as promo files to musicians, so I need everything to work correctly because lot of people are still using iTunes.
I'm working with .wav and have 10.14.5 macOS Mojave

I don't believe iTunes will use any tags in .WAV files. When you do tag those tracks within iTunes using the built-in editor, the data is only stored in your local iTunes library. So you won't see those changes from mp3tag, and vice versa. You'll need to use .mp3 or m4a files. If you need to stay in lossless, use ALAC for iTunes compatibility.

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Oh, so there is no way I can keep the files in .wav, tag them with mp3tag and then send them to people that may open them with iTunes without losing all the tags?

This is just like before with iTunes (player problem).
You will find that if "people" open the files with MP3tag or a player that reads wav chunks that the tag data is still there.

This is correct, and is player dependent. But if the intention is for some distribution, wouldn't it make more sense to convert to at least a lossless format like ALAC to reduce your file sizes? At least that would ensure your tags remain intact regardless, and they would work in iTunes as you have that specific concern. But note that not all other players support ALAC as well.

No matter what software you use to organize your library, WAV is not the best format if you want to store tags like Album, Artist, Composer etc. Best to use FLAC or ALAC instead.

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Ok, thank you very much for the informations! I'll convert it to ALAC then :slight_smile: Could you recommend a good converter that do all formats?

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XLD is a brilliant software. And while I always support developers by paying for a program, I never felt I need more than XLD to rip / convert CD‘s on a Mac. :wink:

alright, thank you very much guys!

Totally agree, I've been using XLD for the last ten years with no issues. I also quite like its primary drag and drop approach to file conversion. Unfortunately, as I recently discovered, it is not perfect for keeping the metadata during conversion. I haven't tested many formats, so can speak only for FLAC → AIFF conversion. XLD couldn't keep even some basic tags like ALBUMARTIST, so about a week ago I switched to dBpoweramp, which does it much better (still not perfectly though).

Just a side-note to this: you can use Mp3tag to copy the tags from FLAC via Cmd+C and paste them to AIFF via Cmd+V.

Another app you could try which is available on Mac and Windows is dbPoweramp by Illustrate Software.