iTunes HD Video

The documentation for %ituneshdvideo% is outdated.

Name in Mp3tag MP4 iTunes
ITUNESHDVIDEO hdvd Boolean flag for HD video (0/1)

It actually expects an integer and its valid values currently are:

  • 0 for standard definition (SD) video, usually with 480 or 576 lines and a 4:3 or 16:9 display aspect ratio
  • 1 for high definition (HD) video with 720 lines and 1280 pixels per line
  • 2 for high definition (“Full” HD) video with 1080 lines and 1920 pixels per line (2K)
  • 3 for ultra high definition (UHD) video with 2160 lines and 3840 pixels per line (4K)

The support for 3 is apparently still buggy, even in Apple software.