iTunes ignoring replaced "Title" field

I just replaced thousands of title tags in MP3Tag v2.48.
Everything looked great. Then I opened iTunes only to find
it reflects none of it! Then, magically, when I click on one
of the affected tracks, the change is reflected.

Anyone else find iTunes to be flakey about reflecting MP3
tag changes?

Is there an easy fix for this, other than manually clicking on
all my files?


See this thread:

Thanks, Dano. How do I "run" this .js file?

start iTunes
use the windows explorer to navigate to the file, right-click on the file and select "open with command shell" (or the like).
It should run then.
as the script is not very talkative you have to confine yourself to the blinking cursor.

I only have "Notepad, WordPad or Dreamweaver" as options under "Open with". I'm in Windows 7.

Hard luck.
I think there are some instructions in the Windows help to guide you how to open (or associate) a file with another program.
Alternatively you could open the command shell straight away and navigate to the .js file using the appropriate commands like ":[enter]" and "cd [enter]"

As far as I know, you can't run a javascript file from command line. It needs to be an .exe.

How are people using this script? Is it through MP3tag's scripting? Through iTunes?

For example, read there:


Thanks for the help. By the time I got to your post, I had tried this:

Which worked great. All I had to do was: 1) download the script ("UpdateTagInfo"); 2) open iTunes; 3) select the tracks in iTunes I wanted to update; and 4) double click the script. It walks you through the rest.