Itunes import date

I`m new to this software, so if possible it would be great with some help!

I`m trying to add the itunes import date of everytrack I have into a new field, ex. comments. Is this possible? if so, how?

Thanks for all the help!

Isn't this data that is stored only in the database and not in the files? So I doubt that there is any way to get that information into a tag field.
You can see the creation data and modification date in MP3tag.

Ahh, okay. Well creation date helps a lot that also, do you know how I can get that in?

I think that this is part of the file properties.
The following properties can be used:
File properties
%_file_create_date% Short creation date
%_file_create_datetime% Long creation date
%_file_create_datetime_raw% Long creation date (unformatted)
%_file_mod_date% Short modification date
%_file_mod_datetime% Long modification date
%_file_mod_datetime_raw% Long modification date (unformatted)
%_file_size% File size in human readable format
%_file_size_bytes% File size in bytes
%_file_size_kb% File size in kilobytes
%_file_size_mb% File size in megabytes

See also the help for that:

Thanks is this done right?
Sorry but I`m having trouble understanding this software.. Value and Field seems like the same thing to me...

But seems like I got the date in now, but when I try to sort the dates dosent follow in the right order.. How can I fix this or is this just this software?

Is there anyway to find out whats causing this: and how to fix it?

Just testing some now:
The comment field wont update on the left before I have clicked inside to comment collum, then it appears there, and then I click save. But I still cant see the new comment in iTunes or any other software..

The "value" describes that what you see as data in the a column - you can use format strings to make it more fashionable like add a "bpm" or "kbps".
The "field" describes the name of the property where any (modified) data should be stored in the tag. So you are right: for most fields it is correct that both, value and field, are the same as e.g. usually you want to see the TITLE and save any modifications in the field TITLE.

But: if you leave out the "field" part, then you get a read-only column. This is sensible for data that you cannot modify anyway like bitrate or length.

If you want to sort a data properly, you have to add further data when you create a column, this time for "sort by". An example:

If you want to see the field %_file_create_datetime% then this represents the formatted output.
For sorting enter %_file_create_datetime_raw% in "sort by". The "raw" indicates that the internal integer is used for sorting. But this integer does not look like days, months and years. So for the human eye, %_file_create_datetime% is better, sorting goes better by numbers, hence %_file_create_datetime_raw%.

Does this help?