Itunes LP tag?

I'm having trouble getting the "iTunes LP" tag along with my CD rips. Just to make it looked purchased. It's one of those things I have. I've been able to set the Explicit/Clean tag for all ACC's. Is there something I need to apply to the file? Thank You.

What would be the iTunes LP field?
Check the online help for the mapping of fields:

Perhaps ITUNESCATALOGID. I've put in all the specific catalog ID's for each song and album, but still no luck. What do you suggest? There is no Specified field for Itunes LP.

I do not suggest anything. I have no clue what iTunes LP might be, what the data looks like and what the purpose may be.

If there is no standard field then you can define a user-defined field. Usually, user-defined fields are not read by other appliations ...

That's too bad. Thank you anyway. I'll keep looking. :laughing:

If you have a file with that LP field then load it into MP3tag, select it and press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue. There you most of the fields stored in the file. And also you see the field name.
Perhaps, if you identify a field that has the right contents, you may fill this field in other files so that you get the LP field.