iTunes m4b file decrypted by QtFairUse6 - tags not recognised



I have a file which was originally a free season 2 preview of The Ricky Gervais show audiobook downloaded from iTunes v7.0.2. This was an iTunes-encrypted m4b file (even tho it cost nothing to download), which I decrypted using QTFairUse6 v2.5 (by renaming it to m4a and back again) into a non-encrypted m4b file so I could play it under Linux.

Other tagging programs (Tag&Rename, TagScanner) and music playback (Amarok) read the tags from the file without a problem. However, Mp3tag doesn't recognise any of the tags (or the embedded picture).

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

I'd like to use mp3tag for all my tagging needs cos it appears to be the best tagger that will also run under Linux (using wine) but if it can't recognise the tags in my current collection, I'm reluctant to rely on it.



UPDATE: Using EasyTag to edit the tags on the problematic files makes no difference - Mp3tag still fails to recognise the resulting tags. However, if I load them into Tag & Rename and re-save each file with the same tags, Mp3tag is then able to recognise the tags. I assume this is because Tag & Rename is rewriting the whole tags section of the m4b file. This is fine as a temporary workaround, but as Tag & Rename is a 30 day evaluation version and I don't have permanent access to a Windows box, it'd be preferable if Mp3tag could cope with the original tags (given that all the other apps have no trouble with them). Is there a way I can provide useful debugging information?


You can send the file to the email on this site:


File sent.





Hi, did the file get through? Any news on this issue?




Yes, I received the file but had no time to look into it (yet).

Kind regards,


Cheers, just wanted to know it got through.