iTunes personal info/IDs: Strip out/delete?

I've used dBpoweramp to convert my iTunes library to MP3 and now see three iTunes tags in every file using the Windows "Edit ID-Tag" thing when right-clicking in Windows Explorer. Had no idea that was in there.

I'd love a batch tool to wipe those tags from the whole collection - any ideas?

Did you have a look at the extended tags dialogue with Alt-T?
If the tag fields show up there, you can delete them there. Even for all the files in one go.

Yes, that's an alternative on a onesy-twosey manner. Looking for a way to kill those iTunes tags globally - if such a solution exists.

And a way to default to nuking them going forward too...

I've now tried the Alt-T on higher level directories, wasn't aware of that approach. This is pretty good, thanks.

Still would like a way to just point a tool at a whole collection and just zap all iTunes references completely, but I'm not going to be greedy! Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

MP3tag never does anything automatically but only if you trigger that function or action.
So if you want to get rid of certain fields or keep certain fields then I would like to point you to the actions and the corresponding help:
Yet, I still think that the interactive way is easier if you do not know the names of the fields or do not know which fields you may want to keep but haven't seen before.