iTunes problem...


So here's the deal.

I just recently downloaded a new album, and the files say they may or may not have been purchased, but they don't say that in the iTunes 'Get Info' tab; they also doesn't say 'purchased by' or anything else.

With the album added to my library, they come up in BITRATE as "256 kbps" and nothing else. But since it's unclear whether or not the files are purchased, I'm pretty sure they were ripped. If they were ripped/converted with iTunes, the file BITRATE would have said "256 kbps (VBR)" with the rest of my library (see screenshot above).

I really need help, and I'm just really annoyed with how it doesn't say "256 kbps (VBR)" like the rest of the my iTunes library.

How can I get Mp3tag to remove the BITRATE value iTunes hard-cemented into the metadata, WITHOUT CONVERTING/RE-ENCODING anything .AAC/.M4A? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I am not sure if you know what VBR means.
This is the way the data is arranged in the file. If you want to alter that, you have to re-encode it with tools like mp3packer.
Mp3tag can modify the tag data but not the audio properties of a file.

Darn, I forgot to delete this... I figured it all out last night. No it's okay, I do know what VBR means. It means 'variable bitrate'. I re-converted the files in my iTunes player. Trust me, I knew what I was talking about. And yes, I was actually wondering if Mp3Tag was able to edit audio properties. But thanks for the reply! Much appreciated.