itunes rating


is it possible to create a parameter to control the iTunes rating?

Want to make some favourites in itunes ***** rating , but would like to see and do some changes as well in mp3tag.

I need this to make some smart playlist in itunes for use in serato dj



No way of controlling that outside of iTunes as it doesn't write anything to an ID3 tag (it stores it in it's own proprietary .xml file..)

What I used to do is put R5,R4,R3 etc in the comments to represent the rating, therefore never losing my rating if iTunes failed.

I've since moved over to foobar2000, you have none of these restrictions. It's version of smartplaylist might not have a fancy UI but is equally as powerful. And you can use custom field types and are not restricted to what iTunes gives you.

You can even setup keyboard shortcuts with the aid of a component to write values to a tag. ie. the comment/rating tag. I've mine setup alt+5 = R5, alt+4 = R4 etc. to write to the comment field. Very handy.

You can then save all the playlists in one go too, to a choice of playlist file types which will be compatible with all DJ softwares.

I agree with stevehero that there is no direct way to get the ratings exchanged between iTunes and MP3tag.

But there is an indirect way:
create smart playlists for each amount of stars in iTunes.
Then drag&drop the listed files with one amount of stars into MP3tag.
In MP3tag fill POPULARIMETER with the corresponding values and save the modification.

The way back works in a similar fashion, only this time you create the playlist for one stage of rating in MP3tag (a dumb one this time) and open it in iTunes, where you set the stars for all the files from this playlist.

The good thing is: you only have to create the smart playlist once in iTunes.
But as it is no comfortable way, you have to see if you want to go it.

Hi guys,

thanks for your suggestions.

Tried both ways, prefer the way stevehero described.

Thanx again!

cheers nam