iTunes soundcheck v3.01 follow up to post #47702

Thanks for updating the $rg2s function in v3.01. I have just been testing it. Below is an extract for the same track with same RG values
First row is the value calculated by the new $rg2s in v3.01 and the second row is the value calculated in dBpoweramp R16

AlbumGain	  AlbumPeak   TrackGain  TrackPeak
-4.49 dB      1.064968	 -4.89 dB    0.918716

Mp3tag v3.01
00000C0B 00000C0B 00001E1B 00001E1B 00000C0B 00000C0B 00000C0B 00000C0B 00000C0B 00000C0B

dBpoweramp R16
00000C0E 00000C0E 00001E24 00001E24 00024CA8 00024CA8 00000000 00000000 00024CA8 00024CA8

They are similar but not the same and I don't understand why. My assumption is that the MP3Tag version is the correct one as its more recent that R16 but it would be good to get some other thoughts on this discrepancy