iTunes strange things...

I am using Windows 7, Mp3Tag2.49 managing a library of aprox. 25,000 complete albums in i-Tunes.
When I fill in my mp3 files using Mp3Tag tags I want (using the settings I've reported) everything's going well, iTunes will recognize title, album, covers etc etc.

No problem at all

Unfortunately, problems begin when I want to make little changes to mp3 files (already read by iTunes) using iTunes, for example a little change to album title or genre variation: Apple software is working good, modification is done and ALSO in Program Manager of Win 7 you can read ALL tags with all the modifications, but.... when you open the same mp3 file using Mp3Tag, nothing appears!
Nothing has changed!
If I come back to i-Tunes, all changes are OK, they appears in Win 7 Program Manager too, but no change is read by Mp3Tag!
I am obliged to do the "fine -tuning " operation on the mp3 file twice if I want that mp3tag will be able to get the infos I've already changed using iTunes Tag editor!

Please, is anybody able to explain me WHY? I am getting crazy!

You have to disable Reading & Writing of [ ] APE(v2)

Yes, you're absolutely right, thank you, I have already done it...but unfortunately, if I don't use this APE Flag "ON" another (very bad) thing will happen,( I've experienced 2 years ago)...worst than the problem: some of the covers of my files will be lost! ITunes is no more able to read some of them, and I do not know why and what's the criteria used.

This will not happen when I use the Flag APE ON.
In this case covers are ALL absolutely recognized by itunes in the right way.

As I have more than 130,000 mp3 files formatted using APE Flag "ON" there's no chance: should I have to reformat ALL of them without this FLAG? No other way? (3 Tb of files...5 years of work, most of them Classical, it's my collection and my hobby)

Sorry if I seem to be so stupid, but I've lost nights trying to understand the problem....

Thank you so much anyway....

Well then keep "write APE" on and only disable "read APE"

Dear Dano

Thanks again for your suggestion, I'll try and I'll keep you informed about (if needed, let me know)

I'd like to specifiy better the unusual behaviour of itunes: if I fill my mp3 files with APE flag ON (write and read) all tags are recognized and it seems to works perfectly....until you do not change any field using iTunes as a Tag editor instead of Mp3tag: in this case, if the file was not formatted as an APE, after changes you'll loose the Cover of the album (!!!!!)

Now, I'll try, be sure...but I have to clarify a couple of things regarding this issue:

1- For ALL my 130,000 (and over) files I suppose it's better to leave them as they are, am I right?
If everythings seems to works perfectly, I only have to avoid using iTunes as a Tag editor and I continue using Mp3Tag to make little changes.

2-One last observation: if I make any modification using I Tunes with mp3 APE files, as I told before, modification are not recognized opening the file with mp3tag, but the changes done are recognized by iTunes: maybe the program is modifing the library only and not the files?
Is it possible to get an explanation of this performance?



Dano, thanks, I've tried and it seems working good (and maybe I understood why...different position of the fields between versions APE and ID3 3.2 UTF16 into the files?)
Trying I've got answers to myself about the other questions
Thnx again