iTunes tag mapping

I have located the MP3TAG tag field mapping for all iTunes fields . . . except the Description field. The Description field in iTunes is used for "TV Show" and "Movie" display in Apple TV.

MP3TAG writes to the "Comment" field. After importing the file to iTunes, I manually copy the Comment field to the Description field after entering "Get Info." This is time consuming.

If I could populate "Description" based on "Comment", it would save considerable time.

What is the iTunes field for Description that maps back to MP3TAG (and vice versa)?

NOTE: I've tried every field in MP3TAG that has the word or partial word "Description" in it. If I need to create a new field, what's the name? Details please.

Thanks for your help!!!

You could try the other way round: fill a description field in iTunes and then load the file into MP3tag and see (in the extended tags dialogue) where you find the data.

Have you tried the field PODCASTDESC?

Thanks so much!!! That worked! I updated the iTunes "Description" tag field. Then loaded back to MP3TAG and used EXTENDED TAGS DIALOGUE to find the metadata field name. It was "SUBTITLE!" I used MP3TAG to put the content of "Comment" into "Subtitle" and reimported into iTuens. Voila! Saves tons of time!


Is this the latest consolidated list of how to translate iTunes tag fields?

I use iTunes because it's the simplest way to load my iPod, and I try to get the tags correct.

Do you have any indications that this might not be the case, that the list is not correct?

No, just that iTunes seems to change all the time and the mapping page seems like it hasn't unchanged for awhile

Just wanted to make sure that the mapping page isn't forgotten if / when iTunes changes again

Hey Paul,

it has changed with the last release! :slight_smile: I've added PODCASTKEYWORDS and did some minor changes. Generally spoken, the mapping should reflect the current status. In case you notice any oddities, please let us know.

Kind regards

Thanks !!! So glad you keep it current.

iTunes can be infuriatingly confusing sometimes, and that 'cheat sheet' really helps