iTunes tagging no good

iTunes reads my mp3s, m4as, and everything correctly, but when examined in mp3tag it shows up blank for artist and other random fields sometimes. I believe this is because I would edit the info in iTunes after downloading them from the internet. I never really checked to see what version of id3 it used and don't really know how iTunes handles writing tags, but I'd like for it to be valid and readable elsewhere (like if I let someone download with my added tag info and they use music player of choice).

Note: I'm referring to public domain mp3s, no illegal stuff. Below is an example image of what comes up, although itunes reads the artist just fine. I noticed that most are ID3v2.3 and some have extra ID3v1. I know that 3v1 uses limited characters, but is there any way to either combine info from both ID's or to get empty fields to show what iTunes shows? Also, is there a method or tag conversion I could do before editing tags in itunes that will prevent iTunes from writing tags that will be unreadable later on?


Is nobody using iTunes these days? I'm sure this is probably easy to fix, but I can't seem to find a solution.