iTunes TV/video tags

I'm not good at English
My writing is confusing, please forgive

I want to edit the iTunes TV / video tags
Please tell the tag field

TVSHOWSORT TVSHOW and can not find.
TVEPISODEID and TVSEASON TVEPISODE and is not reflected in the iTunes TV / video tags.

ituens10.4.080 (Japan Version)
Mp3tag 2.49

This picture is from Mp3tag

and this picture is from iTunes

and this picture is from iTunes Sort

So the tag fields are:

TVEPISODEID for iTunes Epsiode ID
TVSHOW for iTunes Show and "Sorting Show"

Don't forget to refresh (更新) the tags in iTunes after changing them with Mp3tag

Edit 20:37

After a quick test, I noticed that when changing these above tags with Mp3tag, iTunes doesn't read the new information. So maybe a bug in iTunes. (In hex view, the new info is visible in the mp4 file)