iTunes WS trackExplicitness Not Working After Update to 2.71

Just updated and now the iTunes explicit WS isn't populating. The WS file I have is using all the correct nodes (

I attached screenshots and the WS file, which I haven't changed (it used to show a column for 0 or 4 depending on explicitness).


iTunes.src (3.64 KB)

Do you have internet access with the new version?
You can check this with Help>Check for updates.
If you do not get any dialogue box either telling you that there is no newer version or that there is one, then MP3tag is blocked for internet access. You would then have to check and update your network settings.

i have internet, if you look at my screenshots, it gets metadata for the songs, just not the explicit rating (that went away when i updated).

Apple reported server trouble on the 21st of July 2015. So perhaps it is working again ... I don't know.