iTunes year not written to tag

So iTunes has created some issues (go figure). Apparently it has all the years that i have been fixing, but it wrote Track numbers to the Year fields on about 12,000 songs.

So my question is, is there some kind of tag field that iTunes gets the year from? I would love to be able to automatically fix the year somehow for an external DJ program.

Any suggestions welcome, but I fear it is in the iTunes Database only. Thanks!

You can check the extended tags if you find the year somewhere.
To get the year, you could create automatic playlists that get the track by the year in iTunes and drag&drop the result into MP3tag. In MP3tag you enter the year and save the modification. This should save the year in the tag.

Love the iTunes play list idea! That should get it done quickly enough. Thank you!

Checked the extended tag, there were some iTunes tags, but they looked encrypted. Nothing plain English anyway.

Love the iTunes playlist idea. I did not think about the drag and drop. Should be able to get that done in a night.

Thanks for the idea!

Wow, thanks again man. 2000 songs took almost all day Yesterday going album by album. Did the rest of the 11,000 in about 1 hour!

Thank You so much!