ITUNESADVISORY field doesn't show in file list

Hi Florian,

I have tried to add iTAA and iTA columns to the file list, which use ITUNESALBUMADVISORY and ITUNESADVISORY respectively as the fields... they do not however seem to show the value of the fields, even though they do in the Tag Panel.

It would be helpful to see the column definition.

In addition, I don't think that using ITUNESALBUMADVISORY has the intented effect.

Using ITUNESALBUMADVISORY as field name would create a user-defined field that's only readable by other applications that support flexible tagging (i.e., not iTunes or

ITUNESADVISORY is supported by Mp3tag and sets the content rating of the track.

ITUNESALBUMADVISORY is actually supported by iTunes and I have used it in a custom iTunes web source bound to collectionExplicitness, and it returns the explicitness of the release.

You would have to supply a value to see something in that field other than the data that you input at the moment.

So it doesn't actually read the value at the moment?

Which value should be read if you do not specify it?
If you want to read and write a field, you usually have to write the field name in Value (=source) and Field (=target).
I am sure that you will see that for the other columns as well.

Apologies, I was having a dumb moment. I ended up using.

It's all displaying as it should.

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