ITUNESMEDIATYPE=Audiobook NG in iTunes

I have some MP3 audiobooks that I edit tags with MP3tag, including ITUNESMEDIATYPE=Audiobook, to use on my iPod.

Everything looks good in MP3tag, but when I "Add Folder" in iTunes, iTunes puts them into the Music category and changes the Info, Option, Media Kind to Music

I can manually change it back in iTunes to Audiobook and it works to make the MP3 show under Audiobooks in iTunes.

To get some of the iPod features to work, the file has to be tagged as an Audiobook.

Is there a different tag or setting or is this just Apple telling me "We know what you REALLY want"?

I assume that ITUNESMEDIATYPE works for all files including MP3's (could be wrong) since MP3tag honors the setting

I found this article on audiobooks - perhaps you find something in it that helps you:

ITUNESMEDIATYPE is exclusive to MP4 files (see Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation).

Thanks for the response, but that's currently the 'workaround' that I have to use

I have that bookmarked already since it's very handy and I did see the "Tag fields exclusive to MP4" section

However, under Annotations there's

Syntax: Enter the media type
Possible values: Normal, Audiobook, Music Video, Movie, TV Show, Booklet

An MP4 Audiobook and Booklet didn't seem to make sense to me so tried what seemed logical to me

Somehow, when I use iTunes to change the media type to audiobook, it knows that it's an AB. Is there a different tag that iTunes uses?

Seems like you're assuming that MP4 is video only. That's not the case, MP4 is a container format that can wrap audio, video or both. Usually, for audio it then goes by the *.m4a or *.m4b file extension, but *.mp4 is also valid.

As far as my analyzing goes, iTunes simply moves the files to the Audiobooks folder and updates its internal database. There is no specific tag that is used there.

Yes - bad assumption on my part, I knew MP4 was a container, but didn't think it through.

Thanks for explaining

I can always use iTunes to set the media type in a way Apple likes, but MP3tag is just so much more convienent