iTunesMediaType Values Clarification

Hi Florian,

I just wanted to enquire about the values mp3tag writes for the iTunesMediaType field. Phil Harvey (creator of exiftool) and I were discussing the problem in some mappings of values last night on exiftool's behalf and I just wanted to clarify a couple of things with you.

The thread can be found here, hopefully it's easy to follow:,9059.0.html

mp3tag writes a value of 0 when "Short Film" is entered to the iTunesMediaType tag but then loads a value of "Unknown" when it is re-opened. We had found out that the value of short film is no longer used and a value of 0 is unused. I was wondering if it would be possible to update the mp3tag mappings to reflect this change and an update to the documentation to remove the short film value.

As Phil and I also discussed, mp3tag writes a value of 23 for the type "iTunes U" and we were wondering if this was a sole mp3tag implementation or you were referencing some documentation somewhere?

In the thread we have listed a group of tags along with their values that we believe should be used unless, as I said, you indeed know of or are able to find the documentation for these tags elsewhere.

Look forwarding to hearing from you regarding this
Regards, Nick

Hi Nick,

The documentation is unfortunately outdated there. Mp3tag doesn't use Short Film anymore, so entering an unknown value results in 0 written as value for the stik atom (and is displayed as Unknown upon rereading).

I've updated the online documentation accordingly.

This is definitely not my invention :slight_smile: I've collected all these values by experimenting with the various versions of iTunes and buying random movies, music videos and audiobooks. Unfortunately, there is no official documentation.

So far I haven't found a single podcast that uses 21 as value for the stik atom, which is why I haven't added this to Mp3tag yet. Same applies to Whacked Bookmark (what is this!?).

Since iTunes U is now not part of iTunes anymore, I've removed it from the documentation, but will continue reading its value. The same applies to ringtones.

Hi Florian,

Yes those two, the podcast and especially the whacked bookmark I couldnt see anywhere but Phil decided to leave them in as they werent doing any harm but having the main ones in mp3tag was the main thing here.

Thats awesome! Thanks so much for that :slight_smile:

All the best, Nick