Joining Album Covers to Albums

Hello All,

I'm working on a pretty large project which involves assigning custom Album cover art to about 1000 individual albums. Meaning that each image is different and corresponds to the specific album. Currently, I have a csv file delineating the name of the album (as seen in the meta data), and the file path of the album art. I'm wondering if it is possible, and how, to write a script which will use the csv file as a lookup table and go through one by one, assigning each album cover to each album (and all the songs within). Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - JT

Do you actually have the album cover art in the same folder as the tracks for the same album?
Or do you store all the covers in one single folder like \AllMyAlbumCovers?
And how do you actually have named this cover art?

Basically, you could use an action called "Import Cover from file"

MP3tag has a function to import data from files. (Converter>Text file-Tag).
The text file would have to feature the cover file name plus the audio file name to which the cover belongs.
The name of the album has to be the same as in the tag fields and the number of entries for each album has to match the number of files.
Or: you have only 1 entry for each album, then you need to filter for the first track, export the image afterwards to the album folder and then import it from there to all other files.

If you still want to work with the text file then you have to import the path-data to a user-defined field like e.g. %coverpath% and use the contents of that field for the action that @LyricsLover mentioned.

If all that is rather complicated and you have all the cover files in the album folder already, then use the very same action "Import cover from file" with the
Format string: *.jpg
which will import the first jpg file to be found in the current folder.
So what shall it be?

Yes, All of the album covers live within the same folder (batch exported from photoshop) and they are named 1,2,3,4....

I'll try this, I should be able to use an excel query to match file names to album names then do what you suggested.

Thank you!