Joining more than one value from an element

Here's the script. Beatport by &stevehero v5.0#Search Release_Joining Question.src

I was hoping to join multiple values from elements of the artist array below.

The array is like so:

"artists": [{
      "id": 25274,
      "name": "Luigi Daniell",
      "slug": "luigi-daniell"
    }, {
      "id": 26182,
      "name": "deadmau5",
      "slug": "deadmau5"

I was after the result like so from the array:\\

I would like to combine and use a separator like the json_select_many function to output:

  2. The slug property.
  3. A / character.
  4. The id property.

And do this for whatever number of artist elements there are in the array like the result shown above.

Edit: I've ended up hacking a new property inside each element.

regexpreplace "(\"id\":\s+)(\d+)" "$1\"$2\"" # Fix #1 for BEATPORT_ARTIST_URL to quote the id element, IMPORTANT, DO NOT REMOVE!
regexpreplace "(\"id\": \"(\d+)\", )(\"name\": \"[^\"]+\", )(\"slug\": \"([^\"]+)\")" "\"artist_url_stevehero_custom\": \"$5/$2\", $1$3$4" # Fix #2 for BEATPORT_ARTIST_URL to add a new element for the url, IMPORTANT, DO NOT REMOVE!


json_select_many "artists" "artist_url_stevehero_custom" "\\u005c\\u005c"
say "|"