Joining MP3 tracks automatically

Hi, I have a number of tracks I'd like to join. There is this audiobook that Comes with very short one-minute Segments, and this really messes up my car's Music Player (it usually starts somewhere in the middle, with the first tracks coming at the very end).

I'm Looking for a program to automatically / batch combine many files alphabetically. Audacity e.g. only supports Import, shift etc., so very difficult
Any help appreciated.

You could try one of this 5 methods:

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Thanks for the hint. The programs suggested there I tried already, but funnily a comment on MP3 Merger brought me to an old Win7 application that seems to do the Job.

Could you let us know the name of this old program, maybe with a download link?

That would have been a smart move on my part. Here you go

Please note: this is not the same as the commercially available "Merge MP3", but a different, free program.

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I always use the well known MP3DirectCut for this purpose.
I use it all the time for cutting and splitting and for the rare ocassions when I need to merge MP3s.

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Comments on the above programs:
Audacity will join anything, but it will reencode them. Thus it will be slow and lose quality.
(A terrific audio editor, but way overpowered to just join.)

The next two join without reencoding, so no quality loss and as fast as a file copy. Both very small and free.
MP3DirectCut can join up to 50 files at a time using its "batch" menu. Also it can fade in and out if you otherwise get clicks at the joins.
MergeMP3: only thing it does is join, seems to be unlimited number, so if that's all you need, use that.