Json "ignores" ignores current stream version

Found something I didn't expect in JSON "mode".
JSON loads the original API stream and ignores every change done within web script before switching JSON mode "ON".
E.g. just a random fictional example. Add leading Zero to single digit track position regexpreplace "("position": ")(?=\d")" "0"


Track position is still extracted with one digit, that means all stream manipulations are simply ignored. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

JSON is a great feature and (I believe) will be the future of web scripting.
Currently it can be used for limited functionality.
Hopefully Development team (Florian???) will amend JSON functionality.

I've added an optional second parameter to the json command with Mp3tag v2.94b to choose the current position as input in case the input needs to be transformed before it's used.

json "on" "current"

It took +/- 4 years for this feature. I need to go back and check my old devs now. :smiley:
Thank you Florian.

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